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Workplace Mediation

Early intervention is key

Workplace disputes often cause significant disruption to a business or organisation. 

This can lead to increased rates of sickness leave, lack of team spirit and participation, loss of contracts and clients; ultimately financial loss.

Early intervention is the best course of action. Why not try our preemptive mediation service.

Our Mediators can work with businesses and organisations on multi-party cases, individually or as co-mediators. 


In addition; if you wish to try and prevent disputes occurring within your business or organisation, our team can provide you with support, presentations, team building, events and training packages to help minimise workplace stress and disputes.

We create tailor made packages to support your specific requirements and needs. 


Mediation Fees:

Telephone / Zoom (up to 1 hour)

A basic or preemptive workplace mediation that can be resolved by our mediator over the telephone within an hour £175.

Half Day;

A tailored workplace mediation up to 4 hours £650

Full Day;

A tailored workplace mediation up to 8 hours £1200

  • Fees include preparation time

  • Overtime is charged at an hourly rate of £200

We offer and tailor packages customised to employers who require regular mediation services. Email or call us for further information

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